Consultation hours

Monday 8am–12am and 2pm–6pm
Tuesday 8am–12am and 2pm–6pm
Wednesday 8am–12am
Thursday 8am–12am and 2pm–6pm
Friday 8am–1pm

Luegplatz 3
40545 Düsseldorf-Oberkassel

+49 211. 57 67 87




You can present at the consultation hours at any time without making an appointment..




We are happy to arrange appointments for operative and diagnostic procedures as well as for cosmetical treatments.

Our friendly and professional team will offer you the whole range of dermatological diagnostics and therapies, including special consultation hours for aesthetic dermatology, diseases of the hair and scalp and allergological diseases.

Our spectrum includes:

all dermatological, allergological and venereal diseases

Out-patient operations (surgical procedures in local anaesthesia)

skin cancer detection check-ups


dermatological laser therapy

cosmetic and aesthetic treatments

medical peels (e.g. hyaluronic acid treatment)



treatment of superficial varicose veins

wrinkle treatment

treatment of hyperhidrosis

photodermatology (UV-A/ UV-B radiation therapies, photodynamic therapy)

We also offer  services that are not covered by the health insurances. This accounts especially for cosmetic procedures.